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Experience Sabah's Best River Rafting Adventures with Travel Box

Sabah's untamed rivers offer exhilarating river rafting adventures that cater to both thrill-seekers and families alike. Travel Box has selected the best river rafting experiences in Sabah to ensure an unforgettable day of fun, excitement, and natural beauty.

Padas River Rafting

1. Padas River White Water Rafting

For adrenaline junkies, the Padas River offers the ultimate white water rafting experience in Sabah. Travel Box's Padas River rafting adventure takes you through challenging Grade III & IV rapids, surrounded by stunning jungle landscapes. Expert guides ensure a safe and unforgettable journey down this wild river.

Kuiu River Rafting

2. Kiulu River Family Rafting Adventure

The Kiulu River is perfect for families and first-time rafters, offering a gentle introduction to the world of river rafting. Travel Box's Kiulu River family rafting adventure combines mild rapids with picturesque scenery, ensuring a fun and enjoyable experience for all ages.

3. Kota Belud River Rafting Expedition

Embark on an exhilarating rafting expedition along the Kota Belud River, navigating through lush rainforests and vibrant paddy fields. Travel Box's Kota Belud River rafting experience combines the excitement of white water rafting with the serene beauty of Sabah's countryside.

4. Sungai Selangor River Rafting Adventure

Experience the thrills of white water rafting on the Sungai Selangor River. Travel Box's Sungai Selangor rafting adventure takes you through exhilarating rapids, with expert guides ensuring a safe and unforgettable journey. Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to spot wildlife and admire the natural beauty of the surrounding rainforest.

5. Tuaran River Rafting Safari

Discover the beauty of the Tuaran River on this thrilling rafting safari. Travel Box's Tuaran River rafting adventure combines moderate rapids with the chance to observe Sabah's diverse wildlife, including monkeys, birds, and reptiles, in their natural habitat.

In conclusion, Sabah's rivers provide the perfect setting for unforgettable river rafting adventures. Travel Box's carefully selected rafting experiences cater to all skill levels and interests, ensuring a thrilling and memorable day on the water. Choose the river rafting adventure that best suits your preferences, and let Travel Box guide you on a journey through Sabah's stunning landscapes and untamed waters.


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